Some really low times

Over the weekend and part of this week has been the hardest of my life, Julie has been mentally so low it has scared me worse than being on a ship being bombed in the Falklands.

I have had to deal with someone who is thoroughly depressed, even manically depressed, very angry with anything and anyone. I have not come across anything like this in my life and did not know what to do. So I did the best thing and just spoke quietly and sometimes did not even talk, as she did not want me to. Shutting herself away in the bedroom, making it evident that she did not want me to come in, even to see how she was. It got to the point that I was scared to open the door in the morning for fear of what I might find.

Thankfully she is now better in her mental health and realised what she had been like, she apologised, which was unnecessary as I knew it was just the dementia and the effect of all the other health issues grinding her down. I will do and put up with anything for/from her because I love her.

But it is bloody hard at times.

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