Counselling, a bit of a scare, and something positive.

Another week gone and more things to keep me on my toes.

I had my second counselling session and the therapist is great as she used to work in Dementia and understands exactly what I am going through (just a quick reminder at this point…..this blog is about the carer not the sufferer). It is good to be able to verbalise my thoughts and feelings and have a third party respond with ideas and suggestions. More tears and a pocket full of snotty tissues (sorry for the image) but feeling lighter when I left. Slept like a baby that night, it always tires me out going to these sessions.

So over to caring for Julie, she gave me a scare this week as I thought I was going to be taking her to hospital. She has been dizzy and had a minor fall, luckily nothing broken and no bruising, I have had to steady her a few times. She has been slurring her words, dilated pupils and her eyes in general look like she has been drugged. So I updated her care file and typed up notes on what had been occurring so that if we did have to go in, at least everything was written down, not only for the hospital staff, but also the Ambo’s.

I actually think her lupus may be raising its ugly head as she has had very rosy cheeks and that combined with other things (painful legs) makes me wonder. We had to move a doctors appointment as she was in too much pain after going out to get her hair done (very important, as she always comes out smiling). So we may be looking at home visits, our GP is great and arranged for the pathology team to visit us to take bloods, instead of having to take her in.

On the positive side, I had a great respite day at the local auctions. I managed to control myself (mainly because I was outbid) and even managed to get Julie a spinning wheel which she had seen. Another bit of good news was getting accepted by NDIS (Aussies will know what this is) which hopefully will be of great assistance.

Fingers crossed for a better week.

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