More worries continued

So I am back and feel I can add more to the previous blog.

It was still a shock to hear the confirmation of Julie’s dementia diagnosis. I think that it was all too much at the time, and I wasn’t sure that I was coping too well, still don’t in fact. It has definitely got me down.

A gentle reminder to all that this blog is for carers, so if it sounds a bit like oh woe is me then it is meant to, as it will show other carers that they are not alone

I think the uncertainty of it all is the worst, as Julie put it, it will mean that down the line I will not recognise the woman I loved, and she will not remember the man she loved. Not knowing when this will happen is the hardest part, some things are evident now and then (having read up on Frontal Temporal Dementia – FTD) and scary bit is not knowing how things are going to progress and how fast, or slow.

Talking to Julie about it is weird, as she is more focused on how I am going to manage and I am more focused on how she is going to manage. I suppose that shows that we are soul mates.

Apart from the obvious thoughts, there is the issue of where are we going to better off, do we stay here in lovely (wet and windy) Dunsborough, do we move up to Perth/Fremantle so we are closer to all her specialists, or do we go back to the UK for family support, for now Dunsborough wins hands down.

So what does the future hold, as I often say “I have no idea and my balls ain’t crystal” but I do know that I will do what ever is in my power to make it comfortable and happy for my soul mate.

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