More worries

Well we have now had the PET – Positron Emission Topography, scan for Julie and it has confirmed the diagnosis of dementia, in her case it is FTD – Frontal Temporal Dementia.

We now have to wait for the Neurologist to make an appointment for us, so that we can discuss how things will progress and what coping strategies we can use. We are both realistic and know what the end result will be, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

So what now, I don’t have a clue. Even though we knew that the scan would just confirm what we already knew, it still feels like a big kick in the guts. So tonight it is pizza and a cream cake, followed by some naughty nuts later on. Tomorrow is another day.

My head is all over the place at the moment, so I will sign off now and come back when I feel I can contribute more meaningful insights to the blog.

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