Time out in Perth

Julie had an appointment yesterday for a PET scan, due to the early onset dementia, won’t know the results for ages. So we thought we would take a week out and stay in Perth for a week. This got extended a little way as we are attending a World Lupus Day lunch at a winery in the Swan Valley.

Julie had to have an iron infusion last week as she has been feeling run down and it has been hard to get her up and doing anything. This is fine as it is something you have to expect from Lupus, but it is still hard work. We had some bloods done and they showed the iron deficiency and low Haemoglobin. So hopefully this infusion will kick in while we are up here.

Only downside to being up here is that I miss an auction today and can feel my anxiety levels rising………lol.

So as usual we have not planned the week, and will take each day at a time, which is the only way to do it with Lupus. Today will be a nice easy one as we both didn’t sleep well last night so just going to Kings Park for Lunch at a great place called Botanicals, which has views over the Swan River and Perth.

This week is about recharging the old batteries, for both of us. This part of life is very important, as a carer you have to look after yourself and keep the batteries charged (also important for the person you are caring for).

Well time to go and stuff my face, and possibly have a nice glass of wine.

One thought on “Time out in Perth

  1. Hi Eddie
    I hope you and Julie enjoyed your Swan River lunch and conference and that your Kings Park Park refreshment lived up to your expectations.🍾🍷🍷🍜🍜. 😊. There is a lot you have taken in your stride with your usual realism, along with those dinners. Hope batteries were recharged for your both. Thanks for your update
    Kind regards to you both


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