Quick carer update

Hi Folks, well in the last week Julie has had a UTI but luckily it was not bad enough to get her re-admitted to hospital. We had some antibiotics (prescribed) that did the trick…phew.

On the ankle front the Wound specialist at hospital is allowing me to change her dressing, this was because I have experience (being an ex volunteer ambulance officer) and the fact that I have had to do many things for Julie, whilst she was in hospital. So I will be doing it twice a week and once by the nurse to check all is okay. She has also given me her mobile number, so if I see something I am not happy about I can take a photo and send it to her for advice.

So apart from the UTI and pain in her ankle and leg (which is to be expected as she is up and about a lot more) all has gone well this week. Here’s hoping for many more.

Nice to have some good news to share, and having her back home has been good for me as well.

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