At last good things are happening

Patience is a virtue for those with Lupus and their carers. 8 weeks later Julie could be coming home this week.

She has made leaps and bounds in her progress, she has fought off another UTI and some sort of bug, she is able to put 50% of her weight on the broken tibia and needs less help getting around. The boot is going to be on for at least 6 more weeks, but that is nothing compared to what it used to be. One thing though, if you or someone you know has a broken ankle and is given a boot to wear, make sure it is the right size. Julie had one that was way to big for her and it took ages for anyone to take any notice and get the right size, now her foot does not slip and it is now a lot more comfortable.

I am also fighting a battle to get someone to organise for the Continence nurse to see her, but I will keep battering away at the wall and will get someone in.

The next test for Julie is to get in and out of the car, once the physio’s are happy with that she will be clear to come home.

Watch this space

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