More issues brought on by dementia

Since my last blog, which was way too long ago, things have taken a bit of a step backwards.

Just as Julie was starting to become more positive about changing her life, which was great news for me, she decided to take a fall resulting in a severe fracture of her tibia and 2 smaller ones.

We were discussing holiday plans, 2 weeks down south in Albany just chilling out and recharging our batteries. We were also going to start her on the road to improving her physical self with small walks along the sea front. Dietary changes and even for her to get back into crafting. My mind and heart were so happy to hear all of this.

Then 5 weeks ago she slipped getting back to the bed and fell down, I was in another room and heard a crack and thump. I ran in and she was slumped down in the corner of the room leaning against the bedside table. She said “I think I have hurt my ankle” so I had a look, at first it looked like she may have twisted it, but when I moved her other leg her left ankle was hanging off to the left, I remember replying “Yes sweetheart you have hurt it”. I could see the bone where she had fractured it. This was when the ambo training took over, otherwise I think I would have been a wreck. I managed to get her more comfortable and got the ankle lined up. Checking her pulse it was nice and strong and her toes returned to normal after pinching them. Julie was not exhibiting any signs of pain so everything went well.

Called the ambulance and she was splinted and rushed into emergency under lights and sirens (the one part she does remember, which pleased her no end, after all her trips in an ambulance, finally lights and sirens). They quickly examined her and made everything secure and off she went to Bunbury where she had surgery the same afternoon. I was in everyday and it was about 5 days later when I went in and she was like a different person, previously she was so drugged up it was like her dementia had taken over. We were told she would get to rehab at Busselton, which is closer to home, and would be in for a couple of weeks until she could put weight on the foot. They obviously hadn’t taken into account all of the other issues and 5 weeks later she is back in surgery having the ankle cleaned out and debrided, because it wasn’t healing properly. If it doesn’t look good then she will be off to Perth to see the plastics team, to have a flap put over the wound.

So my advice to carers, is get some first aid training it will help in the long run.

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