Mentally rough times

It has been a while but as the title suggests, not everything has been going smoothly for me. That is not to take anything away from Julie but this blog is for carers.

Since the diagnosis of Early Onset Alzheimers, I have not been coping too well in fact I am going to have to get some help in how to deal with the situation. The Lupus seemed to be easy to manage with but Alzheimers is a whole new ball game.

Watching Julie start something and then forget what it was before completing it, having difficulty changing channels on the tv, in fact having issues with a lot of daily things is proving to be very upsetting, frustrating and seems to push me to the edge sometimes, I have to bite my tongue so that I do not flare up. I never thought this would be so hard after all it is just looking after someone you love…..isn’t it……NO it isn’t.

To add to the mix there is now incontinence to deal with, this is actually quite easy for me, just get all of the aids we can to make it easier for Julie to deal with, makes it easier for me to deal with. However, it is still upsetting when I see Julie visibly upset at what happens. So hopefully, having all the aids etc around her will help her, which in turn helps me.

I thought I could handle all of this but it is making my life hard, seeing how difficult Julie has it. In fact I have tears escaping whilst writing this. I know I have to be strong but it is not easy, luckily I am not too proud to ask for help, so I will be contacting the Alzheimers Association for help, I am also going to be talking to the respite carers in the area to see what help I can get to allow me to have the occasional day off, which sounds awful to me but I know it is part of being a carer.

I will do anything for this woman as she is my soul mate, my friend, the love of my life and that is what keeps me motivated.

2 thoughts on “Mentally rough times

  1. Hi Eddie. I have been meaning to reach out to you for awhile as I also part of the Lupus Group on Facebook. I’m so sorry to hear how you are feeling right now and the overwhelming feeling. I have lupus and I have also worked at nursing homes as lifestyle therapists for a few years… I truly understand the enormity of the emotional, mental and physical challenges of this diagnosis; on top of everything else that’s going on in both of your lives. Please continue sharing your voice, hardship and gratitude because this; what you are doing, has inspired and touched my soul as a 29yo Lupie. Yours and Julie’s story supplements me with Hope from the very core. You and Julie are both such Positive living statement. I sincerely hope that you will receive continuous guidance, help and support throughout this tumultous journey. (((hugs))) from Melbourne. Please try to make sure you also have a good rest. Much love, Corry.


    1. Hi Corry, thank you for the kind words. Sorry it took me so long to reply, but Julie has been in hospital for the last 8 or 9 weeks, but is now back home and on the mend, both physically and mentally, as am I. We are heading up to Perth in May for an appointment, but will be taking more time off to attend the Lupus WA lunch for World Lupus Day. Hope all is well with you. Love from both of us, Eddie & Julie

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