Testing, testing, testing part 2

So Julie spent just over a week in Sir Charles Gairdner hospital Perth, test after test and we finally got a diagnosis, not a good one. She now has Early Onset Alzheimers, at the moment she is in the mild spectrum.

So Christmas was cancelled to an extent, but we had a lovely Boxing day (also Julie’s birthday) with friends which made up for it. We still have to go back up to Perth for a PET and chromosome 9 test, then they can put together an action plan for our future.

So now we are trying to get our priorities in order, wills etc, I am going to be trying to get my Military Service Pension, from the UK, early so that will help financially. If not I will look to get my Aussie Superannuation early, either way it is going to help with the expected increase in expenditure. The other thing is looking at what is available in the way of Respite Care for when it is needed and even getting on the housing list, I am sure there is more but that will become known in time.

So as her primary carer I have my hands full and it is not going to get easier, but I love her and I will do anything (legal!!) to keep her comfortable and happy.

I have to admit that it is hard to imagine what is to come, and that is a scary thing!!!

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