Testing, testing, testing

Hi all, just a quickie today,

So we have been waiting for an admission to a hospital for my warrior to get a full work up. This was requested by our Rheumy, who by the way is great, following a letter I wrote about her condition appearing to worsen. She looks to have Parkinson’s like symptoms.

The call came Monday morning and would you believe it, I woke her up and what did I find…………………………..confusion, unsteady, etc………………………looks like another UTI or possible Sepsis. So driving up to Perth was out and ended up calling 000 for an ambulance to take her to ED.

Got to ED and usual barrage of tests, antibiotics etc then an overnight stay on the ward to ensure she was stable and off to Perth on the big Patient Transfer Truck yesterday lunch time, I will be popping up today to see how she is. Next couple of days will be one *ologist after another. Hopefully, at the end of it all we will have a better idea of what is going on and can put in place an action plan.

Gotta keep on your toes being a carer, but hey! they are worth it.


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