All quiet on the Western Front

I have been quiet recently due to issues my warrior has been having, falls possible new issues etc. All the usual things associated with having Lupus and its associated siblings.

I have also been quiet as I don’t want to go repeating myself, and when it comes to blogging about an illness that can be very easy to do.

This next comment is likely to get me in trouble with my warrior, but sometimes it is better to see your doctor without the warrior being with you. You can have a heartfelt chat that really helps, be it how you are feeling and doing to something you may have noticed about your warrior, don’t forget everything you say is confidential, but DO NOT talk about anything your warrior has said she/he doesn’t want discussed, wait until they are happy with the issue and then discuss it.

As lupus progresses, it can bring more issues than you feel you can cope with, and you start to doubt yourself, I have had this issue not too recently where I was worried that I wasn’t doing enough for my warrior, that somehow I was letting her down. She soon put me right, but it will come over  you at times and if it does…………TALK!

Whilst writing this I have had a call from our Rheumy, who is concerned about the progression of my warrior, and has asked that I talk to her about being admitted for 3 or 4 days to do a full work up on her. I am not looking forward to doing this, as I know it has been a concern of hers every time we go to Emergency or even to our GP. Still it has to be done and this is what happens when you care for someone full time, so wish me luck.

See you on the other side


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