Taking the rough with the smooth

So I have been away for a while due to issues with my warriors health. She was getting dressed a week ago (should have been sat down) and got her toe caught in her knickers. This resulted in her face planting, whilst wearing glasses, I heard a thud and then her cry out, I ran into the bedroom and she was face down on the floor. First thing I did was check her head and found blood, shit I thought this is going to be a hospital trip. Luckily it was only a small cut caused when her glasses fell off. We managed to get her upright again and saw the bruises already appearing on her face and body.

I checked her over and she seemed to be okay, so we left off going to the hospital straight away. I wish I had made her go when I thought of it.

Had to take her in to hospital, after a visit to our GP, when she wasn’t getting better and had a lot of chest pain. So had an urgent head x-ray and CT of her scapula and upper thoracic area. No call from the GP so all must be okay.

The point of this is if you feel you should go to Hospital then go, I used to be an Ambulance Volunteer and should have known better, it lead to over a week of worry for me which could have been avoided if we had gone.

She is also having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that she may not be able to sew any longer, due to the Cerebral and CNS complications, she loves sewing and this has really brought her down. We have been talking about her getting back into knitting and crocheting for charity causes, which I think will help.

So where was the “smooth” in all of that I hear you ask, well we still managed to get out for a little bit and saw some whales in one of the local bays.

Me, I have been starting a new hobby of restoring Antique and Vintage sewing machines to fill my time, which I am loving hopefully I get raise a bit of cash along the way, although it will be nice to see a collection grow.

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