The World Moves on.

So been quiet for a while, nearly into my 3rd week of recovery from my hip operation and all is going pretty well.

I did a blog a while ago but have not published it as it was more of a vent than anything and wasn’t sure that it would be well received, however, it made me feel good.

So for all carers out there, to keep yourselves sane, maybe start a journal of how you are feeling, doesn’t have to be every day, or even a minor thesis, just a line is good enough e.g. feeling shit today.

The other important thing is communication, talk to your partner about your feelings, just because you are the carer doesn’t mean you have to be strong every day for the rest of your life. Shit happens and it is better to talk about it otherwise it will drive you crazy.

The other thing is family (and some friends), it is not always going to work when one family member has a chronic illness, not everyone is going to understand why your warrior is spending so much time in bed, cancels appointments again and again, cannot get interested in hobbies etc. This is Lupus and it happens, you just need to keep talking about it and hope that it eventually sinks in as to what Lupus can do to your warrior. Also whatever happens always be there for them, you are a team and there is no I in team, as they say.

I say this again and again, communication, communication, communication, there was a British TV ad for British Telecom many years ago that is true today “It’s good to talk”.

Until the next time Sayonara

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