A Carer being dragged down by Lupus

Yep it has hit me hard recently, both of us contracted a stomach bug and of course it hit Julie more than me. The hardest thing has been watching Julie not seem to get any better for over a week now. As a consequence of the bug and the normal Lupus fatigue she has been in bed most of the time.

Last night it hit me hard and I was really down about everything, also I am in hospital on Monday having a full hip replacement, so am going to be out of action for a while. Luckily I will only be away for a couple of days, and we have some lovely friends who will keep an eye on Julie for me, but of course this caused more pressure, because they have no idea really how bad Julie can be affected by things and I worry about how it will affect them. I need more shoulders to hold things up with, taking on the worries of the world is hard work.

Today could be a turning point though as she seems better, baby steps though don’t want to put her back where she was a couple of days ago.

So Carers, this is what can happen to you, so you have to understand that it is quite natural to feel bad or down, talk to your loved one about it so that they can understand why you might be quieter than normal. It does not make you a bad person and it will go, so stick with it.

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