A New Diagnosis

As always with Lupus a new challenge appears occasionally.

This time it is the addition of Cerebral/CNS (Central Nervous System) Lupus. We first thought it might have been Early onset dementia, but it is not, so hoorah for small mercies. Weird I know.

So something new to fight, dizziness, falling over, tremors, forgetting things – yeah it does sound like Dementia doesn’t it, but we went to a Gerontologist (by way of a Neurologist……….I just love typing things with ologist at the end) who tested Julie and confirmed she didn’t have dementia. This really put paid to my plan of convincing her she said I could buy that Harley I wanted.  Damn!

So now we wait for the new action plan, probably mind training and another medicine, she now hates me as I have been able to remove one of my Heart meds…..lol. We are going to be looking into complimentary medicine to see if there is anything that can help reduce the amount of prescribed meds she takes, we will be researching it thoroughly before changing anything, which is a must with Lupus. Prescribed meds seem to be a necessary evil with chronic illness but how far do we trust the health system, it would seem that all doctors are under the influence of the drug companies and appear to lose sight of what is really important……The Patient or in the case of Lupus…….The Warrior

See you on the flip side

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