It’s been a while’ but sometime things get in the way

So it has been a while since I last blogged, and to be honest it has been a bit of a “poor me” time and time spent with taking Julie to appointments and a visit to the Emergency Department.

“Poor me” was just about everything getting on top of me, and it is okay to have these periods you are not a machine. I have been having issues with my knees and hip, but in the end it is all referred pain from my hip (which is waiting to be replaced). So toughen up soldier and get over it.

So I “got over it” and spent the next period of silence with transporting Julie to appointments here there and everywhere. More recently she ended up having the ambulance called to our house, due to an infection which was possibly a UTI as there was confusion etc. However, at first I thought it was due to an unintentional overdose of Oral Morphine, but after getting some advice it was not the case as by the time I was waking her up, it would have been well out of her system. We think there was an adverse reaction, as it was a different type to her regular one, but this was masking the underlying infection. Lupus is a bitch as this is what it is good at doing, making you think one thing when in fact it is a couple of totally different issues, it is so easy to just say “oh it is just the Lupus”.

Anyway a couple of days in hospital being pumped with some strong IV antibiotics and I have her back home.

One thing to come out of all this is how important it is to know what medications the person you are caring for is on, and what the possible contraindications are. This is especially important for warfarin takers, this can be mucked about by just about anything. The other thing I did not know was that one of her morning meds could affect Julie if she was suffering from low BP, so note to self, if she is not feeling too good, take a BP prior to taking medications.

We are going through a phase of not planning anything as she is having a few painful issues with her mouth and jaw. Biopsy done, MRI on the way to try and diagnose the issue.

She went to bed this afternoon and wanted her nail varnish removing, so whilst she was lying there I did this for her, a bit of TLC never hurt anyone, just don’t tell any of my army buddies!!!

Julie is down to go with her sister to see Matilda the Musical on Wednesday, so hopefully she will be well enough to go, fingers crossed.

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