So Mr Lupus Carer, what have you done this week?

Not a lot you might say, as it seems at first glance that this is what has actually happened. When in fact you may have done quite a few things but because you focus on caring for your partner you don’t really notice what you have achieved.

Take my week, it would have been easy to say not a lot apart from taking Julie to an appointment. Wrong……………

  • I have actually done some gardening, not that we have much, but I really enjoyed myself and the garden looks much better for it, and besides being a little stiff from the exercise I felt good about myself for having done it.
  • I decided to sort out some of the stuff in my shed, as all blokes will know this is a hard task, the first thought is “I might use that a later date” and it gets put back. Well I got tough and sorted out some tools that I have not used for a long time and have put them up on our local Buy, Sell & Swap site so that they can go to someone who will use them.
  • Julie has not been sleeping well, which in itself is no surprise as Lupus is great for insomnia, but she just needed a break so we thought about some mild sleeping tablets from the chemist. Now this may seem a simple thing but with all the medications that a sufferer like Julie is on, it is not as easy as getting something over the counter, especially if they are on Warfarin. So this is when a list of medications comes in handy, I have one in my wallet at all times and it gets updated every time there is a change to Julie’s meds, no matter how small, I also make sure it has a date to show when it was last changed. So I took this to the chemist and asked their advice, they provided a solution which should help in the way of a natural Chinese herbal tablet.
  • Shopping, no big deal you may think, but it is still something you may have done, and shopping in itself can be a good thing. I went to our local store and met people I knew, so we had a little chat which was great and I felt good afterwards. Don’t get stuck in the house, take your phone and get out, even if it is a trip to the library to have a break.
  • The other thing is keep a line of communication open with friends and family, I often chat to the neighbours if I am out, also Julie’s sister, Jenny, popped over on Monday and they had a long chat about family issues which was very therapeutic as they don’t have the same opinions (no surprise there….sisters!!) and were able to talk through them. Jen stayed for lunch and then painted Julie’s nails. Julie would not have a snowball in hells chance of doing them herself with all the shakes and twitching.

So what did I do during all this, I got the hell out of dodge and shut myself away in the office the living room was too much like girly central.


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