Who am I

So who is this Lupinelover, I will keep it brief. Well my name is Eddie Phillips, 57 years old married to Julie  (the lupine I love) for 30 years.

Single child, didn’t try to hard at school as I was going to join the British Army, which I did at 15 and a half. Eventually did 15 years man and boy, serving around the world. It was during this time I met Julie, we were penpals. Early on it was her supporting me, moving where my work demanded, putting up with me disappearing due to work, now the roles have reversed and I know support and care for her.

We settled in Western Australia and have been here for 20 years, I have since had a heart attack and am waiting for a hip replacement (then looks like another hip and two knees down the line), but enough about me.

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